We're in pilot mode right now, so our costs are remarkably low while we perfect the process! Get on board early and enjoy legendary service!

What does it cost to put a job spec up?

Right now it is free of charge!

What about when you place a candidate?

Right now we're in pilot mode, so the cost is incredibly low (think hundreds, not thousands!) ~ contact us for more details.

Do you have customer service?

Yes. The Wibbler Team align themselves with the concept of Legendary Service - putting clients first, enabling faster and more dedicated service than other recruitment firms.

Can you help us tailor quizzes?

Of course! We are here to help you.


Our Story

Andrew and Cecilia met while studying for their MBAs at Oxford University. Andrew came with a recruitment App and Cecilia with a recruitment company – both with an interest in Africa. During the summer of 2016 they decided to explore what companies in Africa consider their biggest recruitment challenges – and more importantly, what Wibbler could do to solve these challenges. The solution became the Wibbler App!


Wibbler is an Oxford University-based start up.