Why Wibbler

Wibbler uses quizzes and games – based on real challenges – to pinpoint candidates’ capabilities, skill sets, and personalities.

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Time is money!

Faster than personal statements and resumes, App-based games and quizzes make the selection process for you and the feedback to candidates quicker and more objective

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Interact with candidates

No more hoping that someone is suitable. The candidates we find have already proved that they fit with what you need. Let them to learn and show the skills that you want – so that when you schedule an interview, you know they have a solid skillset.

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We post your open positions on the Wibbler App job board. You include whatever information you wish – company information, turnover, mission, visions, job requirements, job location, salary range, start date, or anything else you want to highlight for potential candidates


Select qualifying tests for candidates or add your own.

Want to pre-train candidates? Look no further.

Candidates applying for a job posted on the Wibbler App take the quizzes that you want to upload for that specific position.

Reading-based quizzes and lessons on the app measure the skillsets that you want in specific areas as well as personality, persistence, analytical ability, and capacity to absorb knowledge.


General Quizzes:

General quizzes are created by the Wibbler team and test skills within certain industries or areas.

General quizzes include but are not limited to:
– Marketing
– Programming
– Coding

Targetted Quizzes

You can include quizzes tailored for your company and your hiring needs. Quizzes can be about your organization, a specific industry, a specific skillset, your company’s values, or any other talent you want to find. The Wibbler team is happy to help you focus and hone your quizzes or create them from scratch, as you wish.’



Match not only on candidate skills but also on personality fit. Need a relaxed and easy-going team leader or an aggressive, hard-nosed sales person? We can help with that, too!

Finding the employee who fits your company culture is challenging. The Wibbler App lets you measure different personality types. This quiz specifically measures personality types, openness, inclusion, and control.


Quizzes as a selection tool make the selection process more objective – candidates get selected based on their personality type and skillsets, as proven by quizzes – as opposed to selected based on a recruiter’s reading of a resume.

In addition, App-based quizzes and games make feedback to candiates quicker and more
accurate. Together, this enhances the candidate experience and saves time for you and them.

The Wibbler Funnel

Hiring need:

Once you have identified a hiring need you send the Wibbler team the requirements for one or  more positions.

Identify Quizzes and Lessons

In a discussion with the Wibbler team, you decide what quizzes a candidate must take and any others that you recommend to them. If you want to create quizzes focused in a new area, you can write them yourself or have Wibbler – in close consultation with you – make them for you. Once quizzes are set, the Wibbler team will post your position(s) on the App.

Reaching qualified candidates

Utilising our expertise in data-mining social platforms, Wibbler uses analytics to target candidates, finding the best matches for you.


Candidates apply by taking the quizzes and sharing relevant data.
After shortlisting candidates, the Wibbler team forward you a selection of qualified and keen job seekers.

Further personality tests and/ or interviews

You can choose to complement this with a first-round interview or with a deeper personality test conducted by the Wibbler team.

Why Wibble?

Wibbler makes finding the right talent easy. Candidates we find you have already worked to prove their worth – no more guessing how good someone is by hoping that past jobs are indicative of future results.

You can interact with your candidates – get them to learn or show skills that you want – so that when you come to interview them, you know they have a solid baseline skillset.

At Wibbler we want you to be able to focus on your strategic  HR needs – don’t spend time screening CVs, let us do that.




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