The App

The Wibbler App is broken into two halves - one side is a traditional job board, where your requirements are listed. The other side has simple games to test and improve candidate's knowledge.

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Pre-train based on your requirements

Once candidates are interested in your job posting, the games change to reflect your requirements. You can change or add to the question sets.

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We take care of tech so you can focus on culture

Once candidates have hit your target for pre-qualifying, we send their CV across. You get to spend more time interviewing candidates for cultural fit, and less time worrying if they are tech savvy enough to do the job.

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Why Wibble?

Wibbler makes finding the right talent easy. Candidates we find you have already worked to prove their worth - no more guessing how good someone is by hoping that past jobs are indicative of future results.

You can interact with your candidates - get them to learn or show skills that you want - so that when you come to interview them, you know they have a solid baseline skillset.

At Wibbler we want you to be able to focus on your strategic  HR needs - don't spend time screening CVs, let us do that.




A Free Job Board!

Contact us and let us know what your requirements are - putting your requirements up on our job board is free, so there's no risk for you!